A downloadable TowerPong

As part of a university module, I was tasked with taking two key game mechanics and fusing them into a single prototype. 

The project started 3 months ago and at that time I was a complete novice at UE4. I still am, but with a ton of work and help from the right peopleI managed to complete this work in the alloted time.

This game exists as a form of standard pong, with the towers, income, and increasing difficulty mechanics of a tower defence game. This is a primarily two-player experience, however there is a rudimentary (and often unfair) vs AI mode included.

Due to my relative amateurism at making games, I did not have time to implement all of the features I had planned, however feedback is welcomed on the game as it stands.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing. Enjoy!


Towerpong.rar 82 MB

Install instructions

1. Download file

2. Extract all files

3. Run TowerPong Application

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